Drinking Water a Crisis: Corporate India’s Opportunity for CSR

India has been looming under a huge water crisis, across various states. It’s not surprising to see news dailies carrying articles on water crisis like these recently: “76 million in India have no access to safe water: Study“, “Ground zero: No drinking water“, “Latur foretells entire country’s tale” these though make headlines, but the impetus of spreading these messages have not been enough, as – inter-state water disputes still remain unresolved.

While many such cases are pending in the courts, private companies should take responsibility to do their bit for a cause. Companies could become responsible by conducting water audit at their premises to check wastage of water, adopting rainwater harvesting, recycling of water which are some initiatives which could help preserve water and water table in the nearby regions. If large companies like brewers, soft drink manufacturers, makers of denim take strides towards water neutral operations and achieve water neutrality, not only they will contribute towards sustainability, but will also help them achieve a sustainable business operation by conserving one of the precious raw material for their business.

We at Bicon Consultants have been working with power producers and other companies on water issues, conducting water audits for them and providing solutions to help them conserve water. Bicon Consultants has office in Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata.


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