Form D for PAT made live

Form D for PAT made live

The Perform Achieve and Trade (PAT) is a market based mechanism to reduce the specific energy consumption in energy intensive industries. This is facilitated through the trading of ESCerts which are issued to those plants who have overachieved their targets. Those plants who were under achievers of their targets are entitled to purchase ESCerts.

The first cycle of PAT was completed in March 2015. Thereafter verification of the performance of DCs with regard to energy savings and based on recommendations made by BEE, the Ministry of Power issued 38.24 lakhs (approx.) ESCerts to 306 DCs on 16th Feb 2017. 110 DCs have been entitled to purchase 14.23 lakhs (approx.) ESCerts.

Trading of ESCerts has started on 26th September 2017, which takes place every Tuesday on Indian Energy Exchange (IEX). Last trading session is on 26th December 2017. The designated consumer for the purpose of achieving the compliance with the energy consumption norms and standards has to furnish the status of the compliance in FORM D to the concerned State Designated Agency (SDA) with a copy to the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) latest by 31st December 2017. Form D has been made live on the PATNet portal of the Designated Consumers.

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