Major Fire in Kamala Mills

Major Fire in Kamala Mills

A major fire in Kamala Mills in the early morning hours, led to the death of 15.

The fire broke out in a rooftop restaurant in Central Mumbai’s Kamala Mill, which rapidly spread to an adjacent restaurant and other establishments. The reports say, 15 have been reported dead and 12 have been injured in this fire who were rushed to the near by KEM hospital.

Highlights in brief:

  • The eye witnesses say, the fire broke out from a restaurant 1 Above.
  • 15  reported death in this tragic incident
  • Several news channels operate from this compound
  • Aditya Thackery tweets “Implementing fire audits of such places are a must, and action will be taken if violations are found”
  • Police starts investigation on the fire

A fire safety audit was stressed at, a safety audit and training would have gone a long way in reducing the casualties. Such incidents, are a wake up call for many establishments, ignoring the safety audits.

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