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Bicon really helped us achieve our energy goals. The onsite team, with capability to understand the real issues, coupled with their suggestions ensured us help meet our energy targets.

Designated Consumer
Iron and Steel Sector, PAT Cycle 1

Energy is one of the costs centers to any kind of business, whether it be Manufacturing, Retail, Banking & Financial Institution, Commercial Building, Airport, Hospital etc. How your organisation uses energy has a direct impact on both productivity and profitability.

Our understanding of energy use across all sectors means we can advise you on reducing your organisation’s consumption of energy while maintaining quality and productivity. We have significant experience and expertise in energy auditing, developing energy management systems, identifying and implementing cost saving opportunities, energy efficiency training, monitoring and targeting techniques and demand response.

Range of industries

Travel and Aviation
Business Services
Consumer Products
Financial Services
Conventional & Renewable Energy
Delivery & Logistics

Strategic & tactical planning

Our approach to Net Zero Emissions is:

  • Evaluate existing energy consumption
  • Implement Energy Management System ISO50001
  • Periodic energy audit, yearly
  • Renewable energy
  • Waste reduction & utilization

Organizational Energy Strategy

You can transform your business to a low carbon or achieve net-zero emissions with higher energy efficiency, reduced wastage and green-energy.

Our energy services

An energy audit is a preliminary activity towards instituting energy efficiency programs in an establishment. It consists of activities that seek to identify conservation opportunities preliminary to the development of an energy savings program. Opportunities for energy savings can range from the simplest, such as lighting retrofits, to the most complex such as the process modifications. The important thing to remember is to focus on major energy users and areas.

An effective energy audit can gauge the energy efficiency of your plant against “best practices”. When used as a “baseline” for tracking yearly progress against targets, an energy audit becomes the best first step towards saving money in the production plant. Energy audits could be conducted to comply with regulations or as part of cost reduction exercise. Know more…

We also offer Power Quality Audits, including Harmonics study.

The ISO 50001 is a standard on energy management, its management system based approach results in achieving continual energy efficiency and helps in reducing the utility costs. Companies could choose to adopt the best practices as per ISO 50001 as part of voluntary energy improvement exercise. We could help in implementation and training of employees and handhold you to get certified.

EnMS could be applied to all the sectors from retail to manufacturing sectors like that of Iron & Steel, Textile, Pulp and Paper etc.

Bicon Consultants has an extensive knowledge in the renewable energy sector. We strive to work in the renewable energy sector and assist our clients in their endeavour to go green. Our services in the renewable energy sectors are aimed at providing 360 degree services from one focal point, to make project implementation seamlessly easy, we advise clients on project management, regulations, financing, project implementation etc.

We work on Solar Power Projects, Roof Top Solar Projects, Wind Power Projects, Biomass Based Power Projects. Know more…

The general safety audit encompasses almost all aspects of safety namely the safety management system, electrical safety, fire safety etc. A safety audit report offers a comprehensive guidance in improvement on various aspects of operations and could be electrical safety, fire safety.

Such audits reflect on health, safety and environmental issues for industries like petrochemicals, chemicals, cement, power sectors, fertilizer, pharmaceuticals, paper and so on, construction sites, hotels, hospitals, schools, office premises, etc.

Reliability over proper functioning of electrical systems could be assured by regular electrical safety audits. We have witnessed some accidents in the past like fire at Theatres, Hospitals etc. An electrical safety audit could avert such major accidents.

Conducting electrical safety audit for Industries, Power Sector, Service Sectors such as IT Parks, Hotels and Telecommunications as per the Electricity Act and Indian Electricity Rules and related standards, is not only essential for safety of electrical systems but would assure you the reliability of electrical systems.

The Ministry of Power (MoP) and Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) are entrusted with the task of preparing the implementation for the National Mission on Enhanced Energy Efficiency (NMEEE) under National Action Plan on Climate Change (NAPCC). This mission has a component which deals with the market-based mechanism to improve the energy efficiency in energy intensive large industries and facilities by certification of energy savings which could be traded. This scheme known as Perform, Achieve and Trade (PAT) is expected to save about 10 million metric tonne of oil equivalent (mMtoe) by 2014-15. Eight industrial sectors namely Power, Iron & Steel, Fertilizer, Cement, Aluminium, Pulp & Paper, Textile and Chlor-alkali have been included in this scheme where in about 680 industries known as designated consumers (DCs) are covered. PAT Scheme started with PAT Cycle 1, and has entered into a rolling cycle, and has moved over to PAT Cycle 2, PAT Cycle 3, PAT Cycle 4 and so on. Know more…

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