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Fixed asset valuation is a way of assessing worth of a company, property, plant and equipment. Valuations are generally performed prior to the sale of an asset, prior to purchasing insurance for an asset, for understanding the fair value of assets.

Bicon’s ability lies in delivering high-quality deliverables. Bicon has provided valuation services to a diverse set of clients including corporations, real estate developers, banks and financial institutions etc.

Range of valuations

Valuation of Assets
for Merger & Acquistion
Asset Valuation for
Debt Financing

Our valuation approach

Our approach for valuation of your assets:

  • Ascertaining the purpose
  • Assess fixed asset register
  • Verify the assets physically
  • Verify the ownership of the asset
  • Check damages & repairs
  • For property, check proximity to amenities

Valuation purpose

Vast majority of the valuation carried out by us are for transactions, valuation for insolvency, valuation for insurance and valuation for visa.

Asset valuation data requirements, fee & timelines

To carry out valuation of plant machinery, land or building, it is necessary for a company or the owner of the asset to have complete details of the assets in his or her possession. Ownership details like invoices, purchase or sales agreement is the starting point. For plant & machinery valuation, list of assets in the form of a fixed asset register could prove beneficial.

Bicon has carried out property valuation for clients across the globe for capital gains, divorce, and other civil disputes. Our reports have been accepted by courts of foreign countries.

Our asset valuation fee depends on value proposition. The quality and accuracy of the reported value, and it’s acceptability by large financial institutions, regulators and law makers speaks a lot about the value we deliver.

We assess location of property, availability of documents, number of visits required, purpose and the type of report required.

It is not possible to determine the delivery of a valuation engagement, without an understanding of the asset to be valued. A valuation report of a property can usually be delivered within a weeks’ time from the date of visit to the property.

Contact us to find out the fee and time for valuation of your assets.

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