Water Services

In the era of consumerism, availability of natural resources, particularly land and water, has become inequitable at global level. Water is a scarce natural resource with a very high strategic importance to business, agriculture and community, which makes water conservation very vital.

With the Governments Regulations, Corporate Policies and Companies’s commitment towards environment and stakeholders, water preservation has gained momentum.

The above services could help you reduce the cost of water, and help you manage your water resources better. This will help you in framing a long term water saving strategy, for the benefit of the company and environment as a whole.

Bicon has a team of specialist water auditors who could guide you to achieve your goals through our Water Advisory Services.

water audit in domestic sector

  • Per capita water requirement
  • Assessment of transmission losses
  • Identification of losses at source
  • Reduction of water requirement at source
  • Water reuse
  • Water recycling

water audit in industrial sector

  • Generation and estimation of water use
  • Audit of the various processes within the industry using water
  • Reduction in water losses
  • Generation and estimation of waste water at various processes in industrial production
  • Estimation of pollution load
  • Kind of treatment facilities available at each industry
  • Concept of zero liquid discharge
  • Quantity of water recycled in industry
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