In accordance with S.O. 1378 (E) of 27th May, 2014 all designated consumers are required to get an energy audit done as per the methodology specified in the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (Manner and Intervals of Time for Conduct of Energy Audit) Regulations, 2010.

This audit has to be completed within 18 months of the issuance of the Statutory Order, i.e. by 26th Nov, 2015. Further, the Designated Consumer is to forward the details of the audit and follow up action to the Bureau.

In this regard, as per the PAT Scheme and PAT Mechanism, the Designated Consumer, should submit the following information to Bureau of Energy Efficiency at the earliest:

    1. The date of completion of Mandatory Energy Audit by Accredited Energy Auditor as per the above notification.
    2. The date of submission of energy audit report and Form-2 to BEE.

In case the DC has not conducted the energy audit as per the above notification, the DCs have been requested to get the energy audit conducted by an Accredited Energy Auditor and submit the energy audit report along with Form-2 to BEE by 26th November, 2015, failing which, it shall attract penalty under the EC Act.

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