Sample safety audit checklist for businesses in India that can be customized to suit specific industry needs and requirements:

  1. General Safety Management:

  • Are all safety procedures clearly documented and communicated to employees?
  • Are employees trained on safety procedures and provided with appropriate safety equipment?
  • Is a safety committee in place to regularly review safety procedures and identify potential hazards?
  1. Electrical Safety:

  • Are electrical panels properly marked and access to them unobstructed?
  • Are electrical outlets and switches in good condition?
  • Are electrical cords in good condition and not frayed or damaged?
  • Are all electrical appliances and equipment properly grounded?
  1. Fire Safety:

  • Are fire extinguishers present and in working condition?
  • Are fire exits clearly marked and unobstructed?
  • Are fire alarms and smoke detectors in good working condition?
  • Is a fire evacuation plan in place and regularly communicated to employees?
  1. Hazardous Material Management:

  • Are hazardous materials properly labeled and stored in accordance with regulations?
  • Are employees trained on the proper handling and disposal of hazardous materials?
  • Is personal protective equipment (PPE) available and used when handling hazardous materials?
  1. Machinery and Equipment Safety:

  • Are machinery and equipment properly guarded?
  • Is routine maintenance performed on machinery and equipment?
  • Are lockout/tagout procedures in place to prevent accidental start-up of machinery and equipment?
  1. Ergonomics:

  • Are workstations properly designed to reduce physical strain on employees?
  • Are employees trained on proper lifting techniques?
  • Are ergonomic assessments conducted for employees who experience discomfort or pain while working?
  1. Environmental Safety:

  • Are waste management procedures in place and properly implemented?
  • Are spills and leaks promptly addressed to prevent contamination of the environment?
  • Is regular monitoring of air and water quality conducted to ensure compliance with regulations?
  1. Contractor Safety:

  • Are contractors properly trained on safety procedures and provided with appropriate safety equipment?
  • Are contractors required to submit safety plans and adhere to safety procedures while working on site?
  • Is regular monitoring of contractor safety performance conducted?

This safety audit checklist can serve as a starting point for businesses in India to assess their safety performance and identify potential areas for improvement. It’s important to customize the checklist to suit specific industry needs and requirements, and to conduct regular safety audits to ensure ongoing compliance and improvement. Contact us for your queries or to schedule an audit.

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